DSC_6047Vivekananda Yuva Vedike, is an organization that promotes programmes of awareness towards patriotism, nature and Indian culture. Vedike was started by  Muniraju with the objectives. During the odyssey of realizing the objectives, following were the programmes under taken by the vedike:

  • Tree saplings in Bangalore and surrounding areas
  • Jago Bharath: A evening talk on Mother India by Shri. Chakravarthi Sulibele. This event attracted over 4000+ youths.
  • To commorate 150th birth anniversary of  Swamy Vivekananda, vedike organized talks on Swamy in more than 80 schools in Bangalore south reaching around 34000 students. All students were given a book on Vivekananda’s life.


  • Chitra Namana, an artistic event which was gathering of fine arts teachers from across Karnataka, painted portraits and messages of Swamy Vivekananda.
  • To promote Indian arts, a musical evening was organized. Young children participated and sang with enthusiasm
  • India as a nation and culture has greatest regard towards women. To respect Mother India and ladies, “Bharath Mata Pujan” was organized on August 15th. Over 1000 ladies participated, performed pooja for Bharatha Matha. All ladies were given Bagina.
  • In current days Rangoli which is usually supposed to be drawn in front of every household daily is getting replaced by permanent paints and sticker. To keep the culture and art of Rangoli up and to encourage this form of art, Rangoli Utsav was organized.

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