Lets Vote, Lets celebrate democracy

Many a times when I meet youngsters who are not registered voters pose me with a question as to why they need to vote. I have a simple effort to answer it. Since Independence, India has seen 17 general elections. The irony of elections is most of the elected representatives in parliament gets elected with less than 50% of voters electing them.

Here is a brief statistics of elected representatives of 2004 general elections.

Percentage of winning margin No of seats Percentage of seats
Greater than 50 6 1.10
Between 40 to 50 36 6.63
between 30 to 40 188 34.62
Less than 30 313 57.64


The study says that 57.64% of our representatives are elected by less than 30% of electors.

98.90% of MPs were sitting in parliament with less than 50% of votes polled to them.

When we study across, in 2004 elections 58.07% voters voted.
Isn’t the study shocking? When fewer rates of votes are polled, we end up in getting MP’s who are representing only a part of population of their constituency. This would end up in getting low quality people representing us.

What should we do now?
Here is the answer!!.. Ensure everyone at home votes. Your neighbors vote. Your friends vote.

Let’s ensure quality people represent us

Let’s ensure Parliament gets members who are elected from larger part of society.

Let us be aware that our vote, can bring in change in thought and governance.

Let’s vote.

Let’s celebrate Democracy.

Jai Hind

2 thoughts on “Lets Vote, Lets celebrate democracy

  • By raghuveer singh - Reply

    Munirajanna is real president with plan and exicuation.

  • By B.N.RAJAGOPAL - Reply

    Wish BJP good luck in coming election and hope India will get a new direction under leadership of PM designate Shri. Narendra Modi

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