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    Greetings for the day.

    Namasthe P Muniraju sir…Myself Prashant Nayak amd I am basically from Ankola.I am 26 years old and BSc, MA ,and DCM graduate.I was preparing for Civil Services.And now quit that idea to join active politics. Now I am into my family’s hotel and hospitality business. So far I am attracted by the BJP ideologies and impressed to Sri Narendra Modiji, and the “Raita Nayaka” Sri B S Yadyurappa ji. Ever since the BJP attracts and offers a tremendous political growth to the youths like me under the guidense of youth leaders like you. So I have joined the BJP as a primary member. With huge and determined dreams I have to choose a mentor who is already where i want to be. Being a member of one of the well renowned families of Ankola I have to choose a well renowned LEADER as my mentor.As one Chinese proverb tells ”ITS IRON SHARPENS IRON”. I realised myself and believed you are the right person and only one who could guide me and help me to build a good platform in the field of politics. As I have some experiences and qualities in this field also.I am pretty sure that I am fit to the Bharteeya Janata Party because I have come from ‘Sangha’ and ABVP background as most of the BJP leaders have raised and had root in these organizations. I was the Secretary,ABVP Ankol­­­a Taluk during 2009-11 and perform with ABVP in various capabilities and at that time i performed my duties and handle the situation very well. I was the only speaker and spokeperson of the ABVP and to deliverd the lecturs in most of the colleges in Ankola,Karwar and Kumta Taluks of Uttarakannada District. My oratorial skill and speaking style was very much acclaimed by the most of the audience. I was attended NCC republic day parade camp as a contigent senior under officer from the Belgaum and Goa Directorate. and I am a certified personality development trainer too. I was trained by the Leaders Academy Bangaluru.Sir I am eager to meet you as soon as possible to admit my abilities and capabilities in you. Hence I am seeking poltical patronage from you, I will give my best with my sincere, careful and honest work if I am given a chance.

    Yours Faithfully
    Prashant Nayak

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